My Circle is an association involved in coeval support and education. Their founders and organizational team, as well as over 95% of its membership are the young people from the system of social protection or those who used to be in the system of social protection. The association was founded on 26.04.2018. and it is comprised of 89 members.


Strengthening of young people in recognizing and achieving their full potential through developing of skills necessary for beginning of independent life and making decisions important for their life as well as dealing with the challenges that expect them. Public advocacy of the rights of young people and their active participation in society.


The world in which every young person realizes their potential and shapes one’s own future.


  • Developing the consciousness of young people’s affiliation
  • ‎Changing the image of young people from the system of alternative protection, society awareness
  • Public representation of young people
  • Giving support to young people, especially to those that are abandoning the system of alternativeprotection
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Coeval support and guiding young people to the better and high-quality life
  • Developing the skills for beginning the independent life
  • Promoting of social care about children and young people
  • Promotion of non-violent, gender-equal, tolerant and open society
  • Promotion of active participation of young people with the goal of their inclusion in processes of making
  • decisions
  • Promotion of youth activism and informal education through implementation of volunteer activities
  • Promotion of communication between the young people in the state, region and worldwide
  • Cooperation and connection with organizations of similar orientation and the other relevant institutions that
  • follow regional and global integrations
  • Humanitarian work