First organization for youth grown up without parents

First organization for youth grown up without parents

Everyone who wants can give contribution to our organization and can be included in our activities, said Ilijana, one of the founders of the organization “Moj krug”, first and the only organization for youth grown up without parents in Serbia, on founding assembly of this organization that has been held today in Dom Omladine in Belgrade.

Founders of this unique organization are young people that use services of Career center “Jaki mladi” that helped in its establishment and that will continue to support its work through mentoring, space rent and ideas, activities and action support that “Moj krug” will implement.

“The world we are dreaming about is the one where every young person fulfils its own potential and lives the life that deserves”, added one of the founders.

Founding assembly included topics such as goals and actions of the organization that will be delivered in next period in order to improve situation of youth grown up without parents.

“The idea is that we, as someone who actually was in social services system, include everyone from that system and help each other”, said Denis, also one of the founders.

Support to youth, in partnership with Foundation SOS Dečija Sela Serbia is provided by FICE Serbia, organization of experts for children and family support, that has 15 years long experience in improving the quality of life and wellbeing of children and young in Serbia. Members of FICE Serbia are Centers for children without parents, Centers for foster care, Youth institutes, SOS Dečija sela Serbia and some of the Centers for social services in Serbia.

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